Art rules the world!

During one of my crazy rides on a bike I met a street painter. The man was trying to convince me that his art is more valuable than mine. Hah, he’d better not start this conversation ’cause I’m a battle-hardened veteran: one year of daily arguing with parents didn’t lead to any major changes in my outlook. I firmly believe that my profession isn’t worse than any other. As to painting, there’s no such a big difference between the two occupations:

  • Both consist in depicting a picture.


  • Both bring pleasure to people.


  • Both are creative.


  • Both can be symbolic.


  • Both require a set of instruments.


  • It takes talent to become a painter. One needs talent to draw tattoos.

The man listened to my arguments and I saw signs of agreement in his eyes. Wow, my power of persuasion works! (I could have made a great career in politics!J).

Though I always stand my ground and defend the job of tattoo artists, I’m opened for new knowledge and experience. That’s how I got interested in painting. The most curious thing for me in all this activity is the artist’s technique. Somebody applies light paint over the dark areas of the picture. Another person scratches it away to reveal

the first level of coating. The third artist puts a layer of transparent paint over a dry part of the work to intensify colors. But the following methods are no match for a palette knife technique! Once I saw the results of its usage on Leonid Afremov’ s site and fell in love with his works. It’s hard not to! To tell the truth, I even purchased one of his canvases. I was impressed by splendid hues and texture of the piece, but when I finally got the order, my astonishment was doubled. Leonid’s gallery contains hundreds of amazing oil paintings! I’d recommend you to pay attention to his autumn landscapes. But if you prefer spring, you can find beautiful images of nature in blossom too! In one word, the themes of Afremov canvases are various. What about the prices? They’ll lure you to the site even more! Buying a piece from the section called ’Deal of the day’, you pay the remaining 20-30% from the initial price! You might think that Afremov has something to do with fraudulency and it’s impossible to purchase high-quality art at a low price. You’re wrong, my friend! Not all the artists are greedy! J Hmm, what does Leonid think about tattoos?

Rain's rustle

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